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Marketing Plan – the basics you should do


Are you a business owner of a small or large business?

To run your business you need to have a marketing plan, could be something simple, a couple of A4 pages or a more complex and detailed document.

The marketing plan should cover 12 months of your business, should be review at last quartly but better if done monthly.

There are some basics things any business should do:

Market Research – find out about the products, costumers, suppliers and of course your competitors.

The internet has all the tools you need to find this information, invest a couple of hours researching online for other businesses similar with yours. Find out about the products, prices, how they are selling them, who may buy them, how they brand themselves, sales, promotions, offers, costumer service, how they deliver…

Target Market – find your niche or your market for your product or service. By now you have a lot of info and know more about your target market. The more detailed you get the better.

USP – unique selling point – why you are different from your competitors? How are your competitors branding themselves? This is what will make you a specialist in your industry. Competing on price is not enough, you need to be different, how and why?

Your Mission – what do you do? What is your product, your market or niche and how you are different? Make a statement about your business.

Your Marketing Mix or the 4P’s, now could be 7 P’s ,  product, place, price, promotion, people, position and Packaging – anything about your product, what needs will solve, how is used or how can be improved. Where are you operating, are you local or maybe you cover all the UK. Set prices for your products and plan how you are going to promote them. There are a lot you can do just for the 4P’s.

Today we have to rethink  about them. The place may not be just your office or shop anymore, but the social media too, and the way we promote our products are completly new. Your target keeps moving and you need to be where they are and don’t expect them to go to your place. Marketing has been changing with the social media. It’s important to understand where you need to be and how to promote your business. Branding your business is more about reputation, how consumers see you and how they understand your product or service. You will need to inform them more than sell to them. They will sell to themselves by recommendations and will come to you when they are ready. It’s a new vision and new way of doing business.

Being everywhere, Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube,… and engage with your targeted market, keep them informed about your products and services, help them make choices.

Have goals, a plan to get there and monitor the results…

There is a lot you can do by yourself. There are lots of free tools, free information that will help you build your brand. When you have a plan then makes sense to pay a designer or a design consultant with some marketing expertise, to help you with your plan. Without the need to have a marketing department, you can lower your overheads by using a design & marketing  specialist.

He will develop a business image, maybe a website, maybe a blog or setting up your social media web sites, there are lots of things he can do to help you to brand yourself online. Off line in the traditional marketing, you will need a proper stationery, maybe an email signature, some promotional material , depending on what you sell you may need catalogues, leaflets, POS for your shop, signage, vehicle decorations, maybe you want to be in an exhibition and need a pop-up or a stand…there are a long list of things you can do to market your products and services.

Going to networking events is a great way to make new contacts and create new business relationship. Getting some training by going to seminars, conferences, workshops, looking online for webinars…or have something inhouse for all the company.

Explore our wild wide web, and find answers to your questions.

If you are a busy person then give us a call on 01737 763189 or send us an email and we can be your design department. We are a highly recommended design consultancy with marketing experience, we will lower your overheads and brand your business.


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