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Marketing Strategy and Social Media


Business people may say they are using social media, are you using it or trying to understand it?

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, … they all can help you branding your business and yourself, a strategy needs to be in place.

Who are you targeting? Should you pay for advertising or maybe invest some of your time while having a cappuccino and develop those connections? Branding is your reputation and will not develop by itself. You need to give yourself and be yourself, create engagement with your connections to start being seen as an expert in your field.

Branding your products and services is another way, but who is behind them?

People buy people more easily, people want to know what are the top 10, why someone bought from a company and not from another, they want to make sure they will make the best decision. You will not try to sell them, but educate them and inform them about the advantages of your products or services.

Social media is just starting… invest time today to develop the brand for tomorrow…

To combine design and strategy or just to learn more about social media and branding, book a marketing consultation with me.

Please call us on 01737 763189 or send an email to info@artideasdesign.co.uk


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