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Marketing Strategy and Social Media

Business people may say they are using social media, are you using it or trying to understand it?

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, … they all can help you branding your business and yourself, a strategy needs to be in place.

Who are you targeting? Should you pay for advertising or maybe invest some of your time while having a cappuccino and develop those connections? Branding is your reputation and will not develop by itself. You need to give yourself and be yourself, create engagement with your connections to start being seen as an expert in your field.

Branding your products and services is another way, but who is behind them?

People buy people more easily, people want to know what are the top 10, why someone bought from a company and not from another, they want to make sure they will make the best decision. You will not try to sell them, but educate them and inform them about the advantages of your products or services.

Social media is just starting… invest time today to develop the brand for tomorrow…

To combine design and strategy or just to learn more about social media and branding, book a marketing consultation with me.

Please call us on 01737 763189 or send an email to info@artideasdesign.co.uk


Are your marketing strategies not bringing you leads?

Are you worried that your traditional marketing is just a hole in your budget? Maybe you don’t know how to complement it with all the free Social Media tools?

Do you have a proper marketing plan? I mean a writing one even if in a simple plain language?

Marketing is not difficult to understand but the way is changing could be difficult to notice by some business.

Marketing mix - 7Ps

A lot of companies will just see that maybe their advertising is not bringing leads, or the leaflets are not bringing more calls… well Social Media is here to stay and it brings us a huge number of free tools  to brand yourself and your business more efficiently.

Websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress Blogs, Infographics, … there are plenty of networking events, free webinars, videos and informative blogs, and much more, that will give you the necessary knowledge to work out what is marketing all about.

Of course you may don’t have the time, that’s the reason people like me are here to help you creating your marketing strategy and apply it with creative and bespoke design ideas. I wrote an article some time ago about Design & Marketing Consultancy and Research.

I feel really proud that I am a very resourceful person since young age.  Problems are for me opportunities with work uniform!!! 

“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.”  by Henry Kaiser

Before Social Media came, you would need to put your products and services in front of your customers eyes, you would need to convince them that you are the best in what you do and you would give them the best price and quality.

Today things are a bit different, you don’t need to convince your customer, you will need yes to be where your customer is and inform him about what you do and positioning yourself to engage with them. You need to promote and brand yourself and your business. But their decision will be made probably from a recommendation or from watching an informative video from your website or YouTube, or maybe a friend or someone (could have been you) on Twitter,  told them to visit your website because you are highly recommended .

People are looking for information, for recommendations, for the top 10, for the best sale and deal … they will make their mind and go to your shop or website and buy from you when they convince themselves. So are you in those lists? Are you being recommended, do you share information that will help to understand your products or services? Be where they are, listen to their needs and offer your advantage and benefits.

The traditional 4Ps are now at last 7Ps in the marketing mix, there is more out there than before and if you are not prepared to change it will be your customers that will change and go someone else instead!!!

But first let me tell you some of the reasons your marketing may not be working anyway.

1. Do you believe in your product or service?

Lack of commitment and disbelief in your business is one of the main reasons of poor results. You need to know well what and why  do you sell and how you are promoting it. Commitment is a important key, believe in what you do and share your enthusiasm with your customers and clients. That is one of the tips to  improve your sales and increase your profits.

2. Are you doing similar to your competitors?

Have you done your marketing research? How do you compare with your competitors?
You need to have an USP (Unique selling proposition), so you know why your clients will by from you instead.

Marketing research is very important, you need to know where you are compared with other companies, who is buying, when and where, what strategies are your competitors using that may be taking customers from you? Otherwise how do you know where and how to promote yourself?

Do it with DIY or get an expert to help you!

3. ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ – KISS

This is one of the rules of marketing, people sometimes complicate things when a simple plain idea works better.

Clear, simple and original ideas will always bring you more profits. Be clear with your customers, be simple explaining what you do and sell, be original and stand out from your competition.

Also here… Do it with DIY or get an expert to help you!

If you are still worried that your traditional marketing is just a hole in your budget, is an expense instead of an investment or maybe you don’t know how to complement it with all the free Social Media tools… get inspired with my great Business & Marketing tips, or…

Please call me on 01737 763189 or send me an email to info@artideasdesign.co.uk

Book your marketing consultation today and discuss your biggest challenge and business needs.

I will help you create a marketing strategy to brand yourself and your business and will implement it myself in a Clear, Simple and Original way !!!

Branding yourself – case study and advice

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Raffles’s case study

We have recreated Raffles’ business logo and all their stationery, carrier bags, signage and vehicle decoration.

Raffles has been crafting kitchens for over 15 years and offer various styles from traditional to contemporary. They are based in Redhill and work throughout the area including Reigate offering the complete kitchen service for the kitchen of your dreams.

When we approached them, their logo was not showing who they are or what they sell. The only requirement was to keep the red colour.

So after some deep research about the core of the business, we find out that they got the name inspired by the “Raffles bridge”.  So the logo reflects the bridge, water and taps, as the elements related with the kitchens and bathrooms. The squares are a quick reference to the tiles that we see in the kitchens and bathrooms.


“An amazing and friendly service. Will work with Artideas again and recommend them.”

James Guest, Raffles Kitchens


Branding  yourself…

With our expertise in Brand, Design & Marketing, you can have the best business identity you have been inspired to have. It will reflect your products or services and will stand out from your competitors.

Through skill and knowledge, ideas and ability, we create a clear, simple, original image, to embody the core of your business. Not just designing a logo, but also helping  you to create your brand. From here you can have all your marketing material, for traditional and digital use, bespoke and really reflecting what you do and who you are.

Then why not brand or rebrand yourself?

You may be thinking that you are not a designer and don’t know about marketing or social media. Do you know your business? Do you have a business proposition? Do you know your USP? Do you know your targeted market, your niche? So create a profile of yourself everywhere, yes literally everywhere… LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, You tube,… share your photos and videos about your products and/or services, make connections, have a blog  and be where your targeted market is.

Do you feel confused with all the social media? Or maybe you feel “old fashion” and believe you don’t need to be there or because you are just a small business. Well you should do, from sole traders to bigger enterprises, the social media is here to everyone, and the good thing is it’s free,  it is cheaper than the advert you may be paying regularly to your local newspaper.

Would be a waste of money, if you were not using all the free tools that exist on the web. You can have profiles, case studies, portfolios, photos, videos,…available 24/7, all for free!!! If you have about 30 minutes per day, you will be able to create your own brand using the social media websites.

There are lots of free information available from the biggest specialist on blogs, websites and through LinkedIn, but  If you require help and advice, book a Marketing consultation with us or a workshop for your team as a  group.

As a design & marketing specialist, and knowing the best experts in the industry, we can help you do it. Let’s do it together, let us help you create your brand!

Check out other  case studies, testimonials and our  portfolio.

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