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The 2 things that will decide your future: How to make them work for you

I have been through these 2 things all my life and they have always helped me to achieve my full potential and win over challenges.

Today it was weird to read this great post from Jim Connolly, reflecting exactly the 2 things… so I will share it with you all, I hope it will make the change in some of you.

Feel free to share your stories or send me suggestions for the posts, I am a very resourceful person but not a great writer so I leave that to the copywriters  😉


“Pain is temporary, pride is forever” – unknown author

There are 2 things you need to be aware of, if you are serious about achieving your full potential.

  1. What you know.
  2. How you feel, about what you know.

What you know

If you want to improve your outer world, you need to improve on the inside first. You need to read the books, take the classes, listen to the experts. Armed with the knowledge required to do the right things correctly, you are ready for the next step.

How you feel, about what you know

That old saying is wrong. Knowledge is not power. At least, not by itself. For knowledge to have power, you need to do something with it.

For example, adult cigarette smokers know how harmful smoking is, yet they still choose to smoke. They are not lacking in knowledge surrounding the dangers of smoking. However, they will carry on smoking until they change the way they feel about what they know.

It’s how you feel about what you know, which makes all the difference.

Putting what you know into action

As a business owner, you probably have areas of your business, which you know you need to work on, but the way you feel about taking action, stops you. In most cases, the barrier is fear. What if it fails? What if you lose some money? What if you end up looking silly? These are perfectly logical feelings to have. After all, none of us enjoy failing, losing money or looking silly.

Here’s the thing: Until you remove the barriers between where you are today and where you want to be, you will find yourself spinning your wheels. You will find yourself working hard, making nothing like the progress you should be making.

That’s not good enough for you – you deserve better than that. So, here’s a suggestion for you. Start telling yourself different, more empowering stories regarding the way you feel about what you need to do.

What if it works?

What if a few, maybe uncomfortable changes to your business, are all that’s needed to take your business to a totally new level?

When you improve your thinking, you improve your actions and when your actions improve, so do your results. Try it.

by courtesy of Jim Connolly

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